Ted Schnack Biblical Bronze Art Bio

The far corners of the earth and the miracles God surrounds us with has been Ted’s artistic classroom. Ted, in the classic sense, is a self-taught artist, and says, “My lifelong love and deep engagement with art, seeing the titans of art, and mentally and spiritually engaging in their language and love of art, has been my biggest inspiration.  I find it fascinating that the real masters of art always seem to find the most deeply moving art in Biblical or God themes. There is something extra there, and I feel it is divinely inspired. God wants to show Himself through art.  I feel that presence when my hands are moving across a piece, that something extra is guiding my fingers and tools, and that hint of an idea soon becomes a humming highway.  I work really hard at my art but the credit goes to God for any ability or talent.”

Ted has backpacked through the Holy lands, Europe, Rome, Florence, Greece, Jerusalem, Paris,  studying and throwing himself into the greatest art ever created by man. Ted has never had formal art training, but considers the art masters of Michelangelo, Rodin, Leonardo, Bordulle, and countless unnamed artists as his teachers and mentors. “You connect with the art and artists, listening to their voices as they ring through the centuries, becoming intimate with the art, understanding what they are trying to accomplish, and letting those millions of voices become your own voice,” he says.

Although Ted writes, paints, works in gold, and silver, he is focused in the power of bronze.  “I’m drawn to the power of it, it’s three dimensions, it’s presence and that you can touch it and it lasts forever.”  He uses a semi-loose style that becomes more poetic in expression and gesture. “In an abstract concept you are literally manipulating bronze with your finger tips and tools,” Ted explains.      
Ted was recently featured in the prestigious Sporting Classics magazine where the long time Editor-in-Chief Ryan Stalvey said.  “In my position I see a lot of art.  Considering the quality of Ted’s work given that he is self-taught, and now the powerful Biblical pieces, is nothing short of astonishing. "I’m a personal collector of his work.”

Ted’s pieces are collected worldwide, he has won numerous Best of Show awards, and is raising important eyebrows within the art world.  His Biblical pieces hearken back to the classics, but with a bold, strong, and clear artistic statement of his own.

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