The far corners of the earth and the miracles that God surrounds us with has been Teds artistic classroom and inspiration. Be it the tangled thorn of a raw Africa or the frozen in time expanse of Asia to the unrelenting glorious wilds of the Americas.


Ted has backpacked through Holy Lands  taking him to the Holiest sites of Christianity.    Ted is a self taught artist and feels a certain freedom to find his own artistic path adding, “Although I work hard any ability I have is a blessing...the greatest art is history was based on the Bible and when working on God Art I can feel something special is happening, something  extra guiding my fingers and tools." 


Ted is a hunter-artist in the classic sense.   He is  not only  an observer, but a participant which helps him understand the animals from the inside out.  Not only their muscularity and structure but their action, movement, grit,  soul and the nuances of their character that makes  them what they are.  Bronze is an amazing medium and using a semi loose impressionistic style you can unleash its power to really show its stuff.


Ted also finds expression in the written word and is an accomplished writer-and photographer and known for his fresh approach to timeless outdoor adventure. Ted has been featured numerous times in high profile International magazines including Sports Afield, Sporting Classics, Big Game Adventure, African Expedition Magazine, Bugle, Eastman’s Hunting Journal, HuntinFool, Pheasants Forever, Rocky Mountain Bighorn Society, Colorado Bowhunter etc.. 

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